All members and visitors should observe the dress code of Elton Furze Golf Club as follows:
On the Course

Smart golfing wear. Shirts must be collared and tucked neatly into the waistband. If shorts are worn they must be knee length and tailored with sports socks

Unsuitable dress on course
* Denim Jeans
* ‘T’Shirts
* Track Suits
* Trainers
* Clothing with offensive logos or written messages
* Strapless tops (ladies)
* “Combat” style shorts

In Clubhouse
Dress should be SMART/Casual Wear. If Jeans are worn these should be smart and clean. Only knee length tailored shorts permitted. We no longer allow golf shoes in the bar / restaurant (only outdoor shoes).

Unsuitable dress in the clubhouse
* Headgear
* ‘T’ Shirts
* Track Suits
* Trainers

Children are welcome for lunches but must be supervised by parents.

When playing on the course please comply with the following items of golfing etiquette, which assist in keeping speed of play at a reasonable level:

* Do not complete your scorecard until you reach the following tee
* Place your bag or trolley on the die of the green by which you intend to leave, thus avoiding walking backwards after putting
* Make sure you tee off as soon as the players ahead are out of range of your shot
* Always keep an eye on the players ahead, as well as those behind
* Once you have finished putting, move off to the next tee as quickly as possible
* Don’t hesitate to wave players through, particularly if you are looking for a lost ball Please remember to rake all bunkers and repair pitchmarks Each player must have their own golf bag – sharing of golf bags is not permitted Members must display their bag tags, and guests must display their green fee tags at all time on the course.