Our Club Rules

1. Name

The club shall be called The Elton Furze Golf Club (“the Club”).

2. Objects

The objects of the Club are to establish, maintain and conduct a golf club for the accommodation of the members of the Club, to encourage social activities and generally to offer to the members, the privileges and advantages of a private members’ golf club.

3. Constitution of Club

The Proprietor and Manager of the Club is Ben Martin.

4. Rights and liabilities of member

Every member of the Club shall, subject to these rules, and any bye-laws in force, be entitled to use and enjoy, the clubhouse and facilities provided, but shall not by reason of his membership be under any financial liability except for payment of his annual fees.

If for any reason a member cannot continue to benefit from the membership of Elton Furze Golf Club under no circumstances will that member be entitled to a refund for the subscription. In such circumstances any member paying the subscription by direct debit will remain liable for the remaining payments in full. 

In the event of suspension, no member will be entitled to a refund in any circumstances.

5. Membership

(1) There will be the following categories of membership:-

(a) Full membership

(b) 5 day membership

(c) Corporate Membership

(d) Student Membership

(e) Junior Membership

(f) Social and Dining Membership

(2) Rights of Members

(a) Full, Student and named Corporate Members may use the Golf Course and Clubhouse facilities at the Proprietor’s discretion. They may introduce guests as per Rules 9(1) and


(b) Five Day Members same as 2(a) but not permitted to play Golf on Saturday/Sunday and Bank Holidays.

(c) Un-named Corporate Members will only be entitled to the facilities of the Golf Course but will not be eligible to take part in Club competitions.

(d) Junior Members will be entitled to use the facilities of the Golf Course and to be entitled to introduce one guest on any one day at the member’s guest rate. Junior members will be restricted to use only the facilities of the changing rooms and the Spike bar and Games Room and will only be entitled to use the main dining room and lounge bar facilities when accompanied by an adult.

(e) Social/Dining Members may only use the Clubhouse facilities. They may introduce guests in accordance with Rule 9(2). Social Members may be entitled to play golf on payment of a full green fee at the Non-Members rate except where they are playing as a guest of a full member where the Rule in accordance with Rule 9(1) will apply.

(f) Members Golf tags should be attached to Golf Bags at all times for inspection by the Proprietors or any of their staff.

(g) No illegal betting or gaming, drunkeness, bad language or other misconduct shall be permitted on the Club premises.


The membership year shall run from 1st May to 30th April unless the proprietors shall otherwise determine.

6. Annual Fees

Annual fees shall be payable by each member to the Proprietors. Subscriptions will be fixed on or before 1st April in each year in respect of each category of membership of the Club for the next following year. All annual fees shall be payable by 30th April. If any subscription shall remain outstanding on 30th April the member concerned will not be entitled to play in club competitions.

7. Suspension of Membership

Any member whose annual fees are more than one month in arrears, or who is otherwise in material or persistent breach of any rules laid down by the proprietors shall be liable to be suspended, whereupon they shall cease to enjoy any of the Club’s facilities while the suspension lasts. In the event that a member is suspended, they shall be entitled to a written explanation of the reasons for so doing and such member shall be entitled to appeal to the proprietors within seven days of such written explanation.

8. Expulsion of Member

A member shall be expelled from the Club if in the opinion of the proprietors, their conduct be injurious to the character of the Club or in the interests of the members. Before a member is expelled they shall be given full opportunity to defend themselves and to justify or explain their conduct. If the proprietors do not feel that the member has justified or explained their conduct satisfactorily, they shall call on the member to resign and if they do not resign, shall expel them. An expelled member shall forfeit all rights and privileges of membership and neither the proprietors’ servants nor agents shall have any liability to the expelled member.

9. Guests


(a) A full member may introduce up to three guests on any one day on payment at the Member’s Guest rate by such individual at a sum to be fixed from time to time by the proprietors (“the green fee”) provided that the member is playing with his guest or guests.

(b) The playing guest’s name and address and the name of the member introducing him shall be entered in the Professionals visitors’ book and the green fee shall be paid to the Professional before play commences.

(c) An Individual Guest may only play up to a maximum of ten times in any membership year.


(a) Any member may introduce social guests to the clubhouse and its facilities.

(b) Unless otherwise permitted by the proprietors, social guests shall be accompanied at all times by the introducing member.

(c) The social guest’s name and address and the name of the member introducing him shall be entered in the visitor’s book.


Unaccompanied visitors and visiting golf societies will be allowed to play on the course on such days as may be specified from time to time by the proprietors.

10. Hours of opening

(a) The proprietors may in their discretion close the Club, or any part thereof for any period and for any purpose, which they may consider necessary or desirable, including redecoration or refurbishment.

(b) The proprietors shall be empowered to close the course at such times and for such periods as they deem appropriate in the interests of the Club.

(c) No member shall be entitled to a refund of annual fees or any other compensation in the event of the closure of the course or the clubhouse.

(d) The General Committee with the Proprietors’ consent shall be empowered to organise and allow functions to be held in the clubhouse. On such occasions the clubhouse shall be open and/or closed to the members at such time or time that the proprietors/General committee shall decide.

11. Licensing Regulations

The sale or supply of intoxicating liquor in the Club shall be permitted within the general licensing hours in force within the licensing district of Peterborough and the bar opening hours shall be fixed by the proprietors. Intoxicating liquor shall be sold in accordance with the terms and conditions (if any) imposed by the Justices’ Licence granted in respect of the Club premises at all events.

(1) No intoxicating liquor shall be supplied otherwise than to:-

(a) A member of the Club who has been a member for at least two days or whose application was made at least two days before his admission

(b) A guest of such a member bona fide entertained by him at his own expense

(c) A person whose admission to the club premises is provided for by rule 9 (3) here of

(2) No intoxicating liquor shall be supplied to a Junior member and such members under the age of 14 shall not be permitted in the lounge bar area when the bar is open

(3) No intoxicating liquor shall be supplied for consumption off the premises.

12. Bye-laws

(a) The proprietors are empowered to make, revoke and amend such bye-laws as they may from time to time consider necessary concerning play on the course, or the operation of the clubhouse, or any other relevant matters, which bye-laws repeals and amendments shall be posted on the Club notice board and shall have effect until otherwise determined.

(b) Every member shall be bound by and submit to the rules and the bye-laws of the Club and to the extent applicable.

13. Compliance with ruling bodies

(a) The Club recognises the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews (R&A) as the ruling body of amateur golf and agrees to abide by its rules of golf and amateur status.

(b) The Club also recognises The Council of National Golf Unions (CONGU) as the authority for the control and maintenance of the UK’s unified handicapping system and agrees to comply with its regulations.

(c) The Club also recognises and agrees to comply with the requirements of the English Golf Union.

(d) The Club also recognises and agrees to comply with the requirements of the Cambridgeshire Area Golf Union (in the case of the men’s section) and the Northamptonshire Ladies Golf Association (in the case of the ladies’ section).

13. Responsibilities for the running of Elton Furze Golf Club

Responsibilities are in principle, split between the Proprietor of Elton Furze Golf Club and the General Committee as follows.

(a) The Proprietor is responsible for running the business of the club. Specifically:

Ensuring that the Club is a sustainable business

Continuous development and maintenance of the course and practice areas

Development and maintenance of high quality clubhouse and catering facilities

A Professional’s shop that is welcoming and appropriately stocked

Membership development and administration

(b) The General Committee is formed of elected volunteers whose responsibilities are to:

Organise a comprehensive diary of competitions

Ensure that the Rules of Golf are consistently applied

Maintain player handicaps in accordance with CONGU regulations

Organise annual open competitions

Organise a comprehensive and attractive self-financing social calendar

Ensure that financial income from competition and social events are properly accounted

Organise an Annual General Meeting for the election of new committee members, the presentation of audited accounts and the approval of significant changes

14. Notice of alteration

Notice of any alteration in any of these rules shall be given to the Club and to the Licensing Justices within 14 days.

15. Member’s list

A list of the names and addresses of all members of the Club shall be kept on the premises and produced on demand for inspection by a Constable in uniform.

16. Miscellaneous

In these rules words importing the singular number only shall include the plural and vice versa, and words importing the masculine gender only shall include the feminine gender and vice versa.

17. Additional rules

These rules are the subject of amendment on addition as varied by notice on the Club notice board from time to time.

18. Dress code

All members, guests and visitors must adhere to the dress code of the club.

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